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you'll find me in
the lonely hearts,
under i'm after
a brand new start.
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i just cut a whole lot of people. it was really, really hard to do that, but i figured the only way this is gonna work and that i'll be able to keep up with LJ is having a really small flist. at least, for now. i'm sorry if i added you quite recently and just removed you now, i really am. it's just that, i tried keeping the people i felt like i connected the most with. i also removed a lot of people who were inactive, including a lot of my brazilian friends, who i have on twitter (i post in portuguese there). but if you were one of those people who were inactive and you decide to come back, PLEASE, LET ME KNOW and i'll add you back. again, it was really hard for me to cut some people.

recadinho em português direto pros brasileiros que eu tinha adicionados aqui (caso não tenham saco de ler em inglês): eu removi da minha lista várias pessoas que não postavam mais aqui, mas que eu ainda tenho no twitter. se por acaso algum de vocês voltar pro lj ou se simplesmente ainda lê aqui, apesar de não postar nem comentar, ME AVISA que eu adiciono de volta. deu uma dor enorme de remover várias pessoas. não me odeiem!

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friends cut

if you can't see my locked entries like this one, you've been cut. with school starting again i figured it was time for a friends cut, because it's easier to keep up with a small f-list. i cut people who stopped updating months ago (with some exceptions), and some people i just didn't read/commented much. so if you've been cut, please, remove me as well. thank you. :)

not adding right now.

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